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My story with programming

Informatics was not my planned area of study until my final year of high school, where I decided to break free of the "kid with good grades goes to medical school" stereotype. I didn't know how much of a good idea that was until I enrolled at FEUP, where my broad curiosity of the internet, technology and computers turned into genuine passion: it was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I've made in my life to this day. Since then, I've enjoyed expanding my knowledge almost every day and while the university experience hasn't been flawless and the motivation isn't always there, the hurdles I've faced are nothing compared to the sheer satisfaction of programming and learning.

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Other interests

Stepping outside of programming, I'm a huge fan of videogames, board games, wrestling and art/history museums. I visit Serralves on their free sundays (every first sunday of each month) whenever I can, and enjoy playing videogames/board games of various genres. Whenever I listen to music, two of my favourite artists are David Bruno and Yeat. I casually watch movies and TV series and especially love those with a good story and unpredictable twists and turns: Shutter Island and Dark come to mind, in their respective categories.

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